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Restoring Beautiful Smiles With Dental Crowns

If you need restorative dentistry, you might think that dental crowns are your only choice. Though they are still popular for repairing damaged and broken teeth, there are many options for which you may be eligible. Beaverton Emergency Dentist provides a full range of temporary and permanent restorative dentistry services for patients in Beaverton, and we always put your health first. If you are interested in crown options, we can provide permanent porcelain caps to cover broken and decayed teeth. The cap is fixed to the tooth in just one visit, usually, and temporary crowns may also be available.

Tooth Fillings Can Help Repair Damage

Dental fillings are another way to repair damage in teeth. A composite tooth filling has hue that matches your tooth’s own color, and it is generally a good option when only part of a tooth needs to be removed. This may occur in cases of cavities or other decay, though it is also possible simply from wear or cracking.

We Also Offer a Variety of Other Services, Including Root Canals

In addition to crowns and fillings, we offer dentures, partial dentures and root canal therapy to help patients improve their dental health. Dentures are a removable facade for missing teeth, and they can be fitted for the entire mouth or only part of it. Root canal therapy is used, alternately, when a patient’s root is infected or decaying but the tooth may be saved. In this procedure, the tooth is numbed in order to remove the diseased portion. Inert filler and a cap complete the process.

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Beaverton Emergency Dentist provides family dentist services to clients in Beaverton and surrounding areas. We put the care of our patients first, so to set up an appointment, please call 503-644-1127.


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