Team Spirit

We offer dental restorations so that patients can stay in excellent oral health. The Team at EMERGENCY DENTIST BEAVERTON  is an expert at completing restorations in a way that restores the functionality of a tooth while also looking completely natural.


Excellent dental health highlights your smile’s beauty, but physical damage to teeth can compromise health and aesthetics. EMERGENCY DENTIST BEAVERTON  provides restorative dental treatments to patients in BEAVERTON, OR to address their dental concerns and improve their overall health. 

Dental Restoration Services 

It is important to maintain optimal oral health to ensure teeth remain functional and appealing throughout your lifetime. Our conservative approach to dentistry focuses on saving as many natural teeth as possible while stabilizing your health. 

Services we offer range from periodontal maintenance to root canal therapy to ensure your teeth and overall smile are healthy and beautiful. We provide solutions for the following issues:

Cavities can destroy the structure of the tooth and leave it susceptible to advanced decay. Also known as dental caries, these can be treated by removing the decayed portion of the tooth and refilling the structure with composite resin or amalgam.


Advanced decay that has reached the dental pulp and often requires a root canal to save the tooth.  Extraction can be used as a last effort to protect your oral health if the tooth cannot be saved.


Damage or trauma to teeth can lead to complications that include decay, loose teeth, the appearance of a dead tooth, and pain during chewing. In some cases, bonding can patch cracks and chips on teeth. However, when damage is severe, a crown restores tooth structure and protects the further damage.


Gum disease can be easily addressed in its earliest stages. Periodontal therapy is administered to remove tartar buildup from below the gum line and allow the natural healing process to take place, reversing the effects of gingivitis and halting the advance of periodontitis.


Missing teeth can cause several complications, such as teeth shifting out of place and accelerated jaw bone deterioration, which eventually leads to signs of premature aging. Dentures and bridges restore the visible structure of the tooth, while dental implants can completely replace the tooth, from root to crown. For tendentious patients, dentures can be used in combination with dental implants to provide support for both the jaw and prosthetic teeth.